Dr. Wayne Pernell is a global executive coach and seasoned leadership advisor, helping entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams to break through to great new levels of success. He is also a noted relationship expert. Focusing his new vision on a refined strategy, “Dr. P” helps his clients engage more authentically and powerfully at work, at home, and in the world. Having helped thousands of clients across the country and beyond, Dr. P is sought for his speaking and consulting, as well as his wisdom that can be found in any of his bestselling books. For resources from his weekly blog to books to online courses like Relationship Recharge, from retreats to 1:1 advising. visit www.waynepernell.com for more.
Our relationships really hinge on the words we use. While we might intend to use our words to get closer or simply ask our partner a question, we may inadvertently be pushing the other person away. Eliminating these key “watch words” will help deliver your message the way you intend. It might seem like a
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