Bethany Jones began her career in television working as a researcher on Prison Break. She has since produced hours of TV for Oxygen, History, A&E, CNN, Discovery, CBS and won best sports video of the year for Grantland, ESPN’s pop culture arm. She has also interviewed leading government officials, federal agents, United States Attorneys and law enforcement officers across the country. She has also interviewed spies, arms dealers, murderers, terrorists, and other notorious inmates. In addition to her TV producing she is a host of the popular podcast, The Pros&Cons. Bethany holds an honors degree from the University of Wales, U.K. in English literature and French.

Bee Kind.

Bees are my favorite insect. They are industrious, hard-working and community minded.  They are part magic, part weapon. Their feet are dusted with the spices of thousands of flowers and yet their stinger can cause great damage. Bees are a balance of beauty and pain. As a true crime producer,  I have to have a