Courtney Friel is a news anchor and reporter at KTLA in Los Angeles, CA. She joined the station in 2013 after reporting for six years at Fox News Channel. Before that, she worked at Fox 11 in LA, CBS in Palm Springs, and ABC in Jackson, TN. Her other TV stints included hosting the “World Poker Tour” and as a corresponded for E! News, “America’s Most Wanted”, and Court TV’s “Saturday Night Solution. Courtney enjoys living a healthy sober lifestyle with her two kids Cash and Cameron.
A Journalist Reveals How She Stays Sober Before I got sober, I was VERY unkind to myself, and probably not that great to others either.  For 15 years, I poisoned my body with drugs, pills, and alcohol.  I was proud when my doctor told me that his tests showed I had liver damage- at age 21.