Laura Rhodes-Levin, LMFT., Founder of The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety — Laura Rhodes-Levin, LMFT., is a licensed therapist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety, depression, and trauma. Laura holds a Master of Science in Counseling and is known for her unique approach in the understanding of anxiety and anxiety disorders. Laura is the Founder of The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety, a facility that offers a variety of modalities, including Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, Meditation and Mindfulness, to help ease the nervous system and restore the brain, body, and mind to a place of calmness and relaxation. At The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety therapy is combined with modern technology to help facilitate the brain to return to its senses and reach a feeling of well-being. Laura has received many honors for her work including a Recognition Award for Going Above and Beyond in the Assistance of Rehabilitation Programs for the National Council of Jewish Women, and The National Council of Jewish Women has bestowed her with the Unsung Hero Award by the City of West Hollywood, as well. Laura served as an expert on psychological issues on several outlets, and has been seen on KTLA, Good Day LA, Fox News, KCAL 9, KCBS, KABC, and more. For more information on The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety, visit

Burnout Is Real

It may feel like more and more people are hitting the stress wall. How come? Because we are. As a mental health professional, I often see that most people have to get to the place of burnout before they are willing to even consider taking care of themselves. What is even worse is we often