Lisa Hu is the founder of “Lux & Nyx,” It is pronounced ‘Lucks and Nix.’ “Lux & Nyx” designs luxury, eco-friendly, functional handbags for the modern woman, who is going places and trying to make a difference in the world. After spending over a decade in the corporate world and launching her own business, Lisa understands the needs of the on-the-go female because that’s who she was; it’s who she is and will be. Slowing down is not in her vocabulary. She is passionate about designing products that help women do more and achieve more through innovative and functional designs. She believes that one shouldn’t have to substitute function for luxury and vice versa.
“There’s no place for kindness in business.” I was told this throughout a decade of working in corporate finance. As soon as I stepped into the workplace, I was unable to wear emotions on my sleeve. I am here to make the case for kindness in business. While I can’t save the world alone, I can certainly show