Sarah Ordover is a senior living expert with a particular specialization in dementia care. Sarah sits on the City of Los Angeles Task Force for Alzheimer's Los Angeles and volunteers as a facilitator and public speaker for the organization. She holds CSA and CDC certifications in aging and dementia care and authors “The Senior Living Insider” blog. As the owner of Assisted Living Locators, Los Angeles, a no-cost senior living placement service, Ordover helps families tackle the confusing subject of eldercare honestly and with compassion. Ordover attended American University and New York University. She lives in Los Angeles.
If you are like many during the lock-down, you have assumed the role of “Superwoman,” or “Superman.”  You may be dealing with children at home, your job, or lack of, the bills and staying safe.  It can all become overwhelming.  Then for some of you,  add taking care of a parent who is in a