Breck has an innate talent for excavating the truth in a person's life, flipping it like a pancake, then serving up radical shifts in perspective and life. His profound instinct has garnered him the status as L.A.’s most renowned private coach for an international clientele of discerning, high-performing individuals. He has transformed the lives of professional athletes, CEO’s, studio heads, music executives, and many prominent actors; has lead innovative workshops with everyone from NASA to famous rock bands.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Why One Life Coach Says It Doesn’t Have To Be We have this idea that relationships are supposed to go on forever, but that is not necessarily true.  Some relationships are only meant to be interim- Maybe to heal heart-break, or to kick-start your career or for adventure.  The expectation that they have to fulfill on
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Intimate relationships go through many changes.  They ebb and flow through stages that are sometimes out of our control. From first meeting someone, to possibly spending the rest of your life with that person and eventually ultimately loosing the love of your life if you are so lucky to have shared most of your life
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