Lara Scott is a contributor to Be Kind And Co. She can be heard on the radio in Los Angeles every weekday on K-EARTH 101, and is also on the MOMtourage, West of Broadway, and Classic Movie Recall podcasts. When she is not working, she can be found chasing her two young children around at the beach or playground. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram at @radiolara!

Motherhood Mania

How Self-Care Became Non-Negotiable For One Mom Put moms together and within minutes someone will start talking about how they are sleep-deprived, crazy busy, stressed, or feel guilty they left the kids with a sitter so they could go get a simple manicure.  You get the idea.  You have been there, done that! As moms,
I have always looked at back-to-school time a little like New Years: A chance to try something new and work some good habits into my life. More and more—and especially now that I am a mom—the habits that I am implementing revolve around being kind to the earth. I really want my kids to see
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