Shelter dogs are often misunderstood. They even sometimes get an unfair, bad rap and face the reality of being euthanized.  I want to share another side of the story.  Adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter can be a super rewarding experience. There are hundreds of different mix breeds to choose from to add
Although I started Fix’n Fidos to raise money for spay and neuter, my goal is to keep animals out of shelters and we are doing that now in a different way. In March, people started reaching out to me asking if I could buy them pet food because they were suddenly and unexpectedly out of
Ever since stay-at-home orders started in Los Angeles, I have been asked about writing an article about how to keep relationships strong when you are cooped up together at home with nowhere to go. I have resisted until now, mostly because there are so many great articles out there already, and I was not sure I
If you see a chance to be kind to someone tomorrow, take it. Brad Pitt, Golden Globes 2020 Swoon, how much do I love him AND how much do I wholeheartedly agree! And yet, I’m guessing 99.9% of those who took Brad up on his advice didn’t take it to heart in the most vital
The breakdown of a marriage, followed by the process of separation and divorce, tears at the fabric of our self-esteem and brings us to our emotional knees like nothing else. From someone who’s witnessed and studied many divorces—including my own—here are my top 5 recommended acts of self-kindness before, during, and after divorce.
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Life’s a Roller Coaster

We all know life can really feel like a roller coaster at times. We are up and then down, and in some cases, upside down.  It was for sure the case for me last month.   January started out with a bang.  It was a treat to be highlighted on the cover of the magazine

A Special KIND of Woman

By now you know, I love any chance to talk about my passion for keeping kindness in the forefront of people’s minds. So you can imagine how happy I was when I was asked to do just that while also landing the cover of the popular lifestyle magazine Vegas2LA. Not only did I have the

Living in the Present or the Future?

I have never really understood New Year’s resolutions. It always felt strange to put so much pressure on myself and others to not fail at what we deemed as our goals for the year. Chances are you started out this January with an intention to either lose weight, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, finally stop smoking, eat

Flying into a New Decade

It is strange to believe another decade is about to wrap up.   Do you remember what the year 2010 felt like for you? Take a minute. Where were you? What were your goals?  What exactly have you been doing these last ten years? There are 3,650 days in a decade. I recently looked back at the

Women-Owned Holiday Gift Guide

As a lifestyle blogger and TV expert, I know how important it is to give the perfect gift.  That’s why this holiday season, I am focusing on companies with a female flare.  The gift ideas below include some of my favorite women led and founded companies.  Many of them are organic, natural and in some

Learning to Grieve

The month of October was a difficult one for me. I have tried to be kind to myself through a lot of self care and allowing myself to grieve. I am devastated to share with you that my 12 year old dog Monkey went to heaven on October 1st. He had a brain tumor and

Do you have the answer?

I have worked in the television news business for many years. As a journalist, I have the responsibility of sharing good stories and really bad stories with you, the viewer. Over the years, I have learned to emotionally block out most tragic events. I find I can go for months without being affected by all
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Redefining Kindness

It’s your strength, not your weakness. Recently, I was talking with some girlfriends and one of them said, “I’ve been trying so hard to be more kind, but damn, it’s hard to do.” I totally understand my friend’s frustration. I get that it’s much easier to be negative, or lash out at someone, or decide

Trust Kindness.

Have you ever felt like your life has become a blur of work, errands, and appointments? Do you struggle to find time to enjoy your friends or your favorite hobby? Why is that? Why are we in such a hurry? Why can’t we slow down? Could it be that we are running from something unsettled inside ourselves? I’ve

Burnout Is Real

It may feel like more and more people are hitting the stress wall. How come? Because we are. As a mental health professional, I often see that most people have to get to the place of burnout before they are willing to even consider taking care of themselves. What is even worse is we often
Our relationships really hinge on the words we use. While we might intend to use our words to get closer or simply ask our partner a question, we may inadvertently be pushing the other person away. Eliminating these key “watch words” will help deliver your message the way you intend. It might seem like a
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On March 11, 2019, Lu Parker hosted two University Speaker sessions at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales Convention in Las Vegas where she was granted the opportunity to meet and speak to hundreds of people about “How Kindness Creates Success.” Living from a place of kindness is very important to Lu as she considers kindness
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Kind Sources of Calcium

The most common mineral found in the body is calcium.  It is the foundation for bone and teeth development, and is also important for heart health, nerve signaling, and muscle function. In fact, calcium is used by almost every cell in our bodies. If we do not consume enough calcium from food sources, then our bones and teeth will
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Eco Glam V-Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a time to spread love so why not give gifts that help our planet?  Singer, actress and filmmaker Tamela D’Amico shares ten of her favorite Eco Glam items that are luxurious on any day of the year!  ROSES EVER AFTER These are long lasting, beautifully preserved roses (ethically sourced) that last a YEAR, with