Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Daniella Bloom

Daniella Bloom

Recognized as “LA’s Premiere Relationship Authority” by Southern California Magazine, Licensed Psychotherapist and Celebrity Transformational Relationship Coach, Daniella Bloom LMFT, is all about authentic honest human connection and finding the FUN in Dysfunction!
After ending her own 16 year marriage, a whole new purpose and career exploded! This ‘Good Wife Gone WILD’ has her pulse on what makes and breaks a relationship today. With decades of professional experience and candid personal wisdom, Daniella is a frequently invited guest on television and radio shows, as well as a keynote speaker. She has been referred to as today’s Online to Off-line Dating Expert, Marriage Saver, and Divorcée Success Coach.

Daniella is not afraid to take on uncomfortable topics and guests with different points of view, ranging in theme from the challenges facing our current relationships today, to the challenges facing our current politics.
She brings a fresh perspective to the "real human story" underneath the headline. Her new show America's Voices has Americans coming together from across the political spectrum to share a grassroots dialogue on what really matters in order to find some common ground again.
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