Meet Be Kind & Co

Founded by Lu Parker, Be Kind & Co. believes every act of kindness grows our spirit and strengthens our soul. We strive to help all people better understand, embrace, and practice the power of kindness not only for others, but for themselves because that is when true magic begins.


How Your Mind Could Be Affecting Your Ability To Get and Stay In Shape

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Wanna Go Vegetarian?

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Business Minded is Kindness Minded

How Incorporating Kindness Helps You Succeed


What Does Your Inside Voice Say to You?

How kindness can soften the sting


Don't Let Fear Win

How Fear can Immobilize Us


Jay Shetty’s Goal Is to Make ‘Wisdom Go Viral’

At age 18, Jay went to hear a monk speak while living in London.




Founded by Lu Parker, Be Kind & Co. believes every act of kindness grows our spirit and strengthens our soul.

We are committed to creating experiences, story-driven content, and digital products that bring people together for a bigger purpose. We strive to help all people better understand, embrace, and practice the power of kindness not only for others, but for themselves because that is when true magic begins.

As a lifestyle media brand, we focus on kindness thru acts, community events, health and fitness, animal welfare, food and beverage, travel, and so much more. We love all things kind and are spreading a message that kindness is strength.



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A Kind Sign

When I decide on a specific goal, I get super focused.  I can see the big picture, but I am also aware that it takes small steps to reach the ultimate goal.  I understood this concept at a very young age.  As a member of The Girl Scouts of America, I had to complete small
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Do You Have a Hard Time Receiving?

As an elite femininity coach, I’m constantly focused on one of the five feminine qualities that I teach my clients so they can tap into the full expression of their feminine essence and live more playful and purposeful lives. One of those qualities is receptivity – the ability to receive and to be open to
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I love the opportunity to toot the horn of a fellow female friend.  What better way to spread holiday cheer than to focus on what one of my gal pals is doing to make our world a kinder and more gentle place to live.  You likely know Tamela D’Amico as a singer, actress, filmmaker, and now
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Cruelty-Free Protein Options

One of the most popular questions I encounter as a nutritionist is “Where do I find my protein?” This question is especially recognized in the vegan community, as it is common for vegans to consider ample protein intake a hard task to achieve, but it actually doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may
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Lu Parker – From High School English Teacher to Media Celebrity to Founder & CEO of Be Kind & Co.

You may have seen her on KTLA or interviewing celebrities and dignitaries such as Oprah, Bradley Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, Nelson Mandela, & Jane Goodall. From Miss USA to an Emmy Award-winning journalist, Lu Parker has had an incredible career. As she continues to anchor on KTLA, Lu also took a moment of
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November 13th is World Kindness Day… I have always believed that kindness is a strength.  Some people may think kindness is a weakness, but in reality, our kind actions, no matter large or small, help to unite our world.  We are born to be kind, but often life can harden us and keep us so
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Saving a Senior can be Good for the Soul

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. There are some advantages to adding a more mature family member! If you are considering adopting a furry friend and you are away from home most of the day, you have limited free time, you want a calm pet or you have young children, then an “oldie but goodie”
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She’s Fighting Cancer & Spreading Kindness

When I watched Sarah Donegan speak, I wept.  The 12 year old has endured more than most of us could ever imagine in a lifetime. Her passion and pain is palpable. But she’s so strong. And when I found out the lengths her community went to, in order to bring a smile to her face,
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Creating A Successful Business with Kindness In Mind

“There’s no place for kindness in business.” I was told this throughout a decade of working in corporate finance. As soon as I stepped into the workplace, I was unable to wear emotions on my sleeve. I am here to make the case for kindness in business. While I can’t save the world alone, I can certainly show
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Motherhood Mania

How Self-Care Became Non-Negotiable For One Mom Put moms together and within minutes someone will start talking about how they are sleep-deprived, crazy busy, stressed, or feel guilty they left the kids with a sitter so they could go get a simple manicure.  You get the idea.  You have been there, done that! As moms,
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How My Dog Cured My Depression

A True Love Story This is a love story. It’s about a lonely, single woman who decided to open her heart and her home and found true love. The love transformed her in ways she never thought possible… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning. It all started about ten years ago.
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Love Yourself More Than You Love Your Dating App

What a year’s worth of swiping and liking taught me Let’s face it: The life outside of college can be a little lonely at times. For starters, you’re no longer interacting with thousands of people your age on a regular basis. And your friends are also no longer a block away— if you live in Los
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When Your Life Is Not Working, Turn to Inside

“Our lives improve when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves” ~ Walter Anderson   A major component to self-awareness is honesty. In this way you are practicing self-kindness by increasing your awareness of what is true versus perpetuating habits and patterns
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How This Outdoor Workout Is Kind To Your Wallet 

Getting fit doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a bunch of money.  Be kind to your wallet and good to your body by trying out this creative outdoor workout session.
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The Power of Green

I am a lover of all things good for us especially when it comes to what we put in our bodies.  As a dietary vegan for the last 4 years, I love to incorporate whole food supplements into my diet.  I truly believe we have to treat our bodies with respect and kindness from the
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How to Protect Your Pets in the Summer Heat

Summer is a time for picnics, the beach and bikinis.  The sun shining super brightly means the heat is on, but keep in mind that when it is hot for you, it is even hotter for your four-legged friend. Dogs and cats do not sweat through their skin. They cool themselves by panting or rapid
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Paralyzed Dog Found Abandoned in Mexico Gets New Life in L.A.

I have spent fifteen years inside the world of animal rescue. Past the excitement, the exhaustion, and the heartbreak, the honor of the work is the reason I have stayed put. Each rescue important. Each one personal. As long as I can remember, dogs have been my thing, so the fact that I have been
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Pet Adoption: Kitten Season Is Here

How your actions can save the lives of hundreds of cats. Every spring, Los Angeles animal shelters open their doors to thousands of kittens and cats. People find kittens in bushes or maybe they forgot to spay their cat and don’t want to keep the kittens. They’re worried about them being on the streets so